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Why Real Random™?

At Real Random we aim to make the internet a safer place to roam. We believe that consumers are entitled to a safe digital environment, free from the constant threat of being compromised. We don’t want you to worry about making a purchase online, in person at a retailer, or submitting personally identifiable information on a website.

We are challenging the status quo for cyber security products by innovating at the core of all security software, the “seeds” or entropy of encryption. In today’s world, the use of algorithms is an acceptable and expected method for creating secure encrypted files. While algorithms are extremely useful, the entropy used to generate the algorithms are pre-determined and therefore can be predicted. This is the heart of the password and data breach epidemic we face today.

Real Random has a solution. We have created a method of generating entropy based on a physical process that is impossible to predict, replicate or compromise.

If you are truly committed to providing a secure method of communication for any internet connected device, Real Random needs to be in your stack!

Our Technology

Cryptonite app coming soon!

Our Genesis

Original slot machine Original slot machine


We use physical media to generate randomness, which is can be verified with the human eye


API Diagram API Diagram


NIST Test Compliance NIST Test Compliance

Secure Containers

Not enough entropy to support /dev/random in docker containers running in boot2docker

Our Team

Doug Hill

Co-Founder, Entrepreneur

Theo Fleck

Co-Founder, Computer Engineer

Mike Hawley

Co-Founder, Mechanical Engineer

Henry Tumblin

Co-Founder, Technologist

Ron Porter

Director of Global Business Development

Zack Nichols

Software Developer