we believe in building a more secure Internet.

Our mission is to help make a safer Internet by providing true randomness for real security. In modern cryptographic systems, security is largely based on algorithms that can be reverse engineered, making them increasingly vulnerable to threats as technology advances. To inhibit these attacks, our solution supports network security by providing a consistently reliable source of unpredictable numbers—in other words, true randomness.

We are a bootstrapped, early-stage company and member of the AHA Innovators’ Network.

seeing is believing.

That’s why we’ve created a tangible solution using the natural dynamics of physical randomness. “Random” number generators (RNGs) use mathematical algorithms to spit out digits, meaning they’re actually only pseudo-random. And, in today’s hackable online world, pseudo is dangerous. True entropy lies in the unpredictable physical world, where human and digital interventions are withheld.

so see for yourself

about real random

With diverse backgrounds and a united vision, our talented team is dedicated to making the Internet a safer place to roam.
We’re always looking for smart people who share in our passion and are interested in making a positive impact. Want to know more about what we do? Reach out and let’s talk about some random stuff. Contact Us

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