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Discover a new approach to password creation - one that's real random

Introducing Cryptex - An enterprise web application for password generation and management. Cryptex generates truly random, completely unpredictable passwords using our entropy generation technique, Zentropy.

Zentropy - The science behind Cryptex

Our innovative new technology brings a physical means of random number generation into the digital sphere. This guarantees the random numbers it generates are truly random, as opposed to pseudo random.

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Real opportunity

The problem of securely managing credentials in multiuser environments is currently an important topic for many companies. Nevertheless, there are few solutions to this problem.

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Real Random’s Password Manager, Cryptex, combines all of the tools you need to manage your organization's credentials into one convenient dashboard. It is easy-to-use, cross platform and most importantly secure because all of your passwords and cryptographic keys are generated using our Zentropy technology.
Zentropy brings a physical means of random number generation into the digital sphere. By using this unique approach to password generation Real Random can guarantee that every password generated by Cryptex is truly random.

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Cryptex is highly configurable so that you can tailor it to fit the look and feel of your brand. And with very competitive end user pricing, fully scalable licensing models, and no minimum sales volume requirements Cryptex presents a solid opportunity for any software reseller.